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Where’s Your Power?

With all of the ugly economic-news, the recent earthquakes and the snow and rain, it can be easy to feel sad. But the good news is: the economy can get better, you can prepare for natural disasters, and spring is just days away: And best of all, you are in charge of your own feelings. […]

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Does Your Web Site Sing This Song?

There are a lot of performing arts shows out there today (“Fame,” “Glee,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Dancing with the Stars,” etc.), and I love watching the good dancers and singers. But it made me think about public relations and SEO copywriting. For example, you know how some of the performers warm up […]

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Too Many Tweets are for the Birds!

Are you overwhelmed with social media? I’ve been pretty active with all of the various, social media venues out there, and they can really take up a lot of time and effort. Just this morning, I received about 30 followers on my Twitter account before my first cup of coffee! With this in mind, here […]

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