Today’s #1 No-Cost Secret to Business Success


With the competition in today’s business environment, it’s essential to get your priorities straight. And one of your key objectives is probably to increase sales:so how do you get an edge over others in your industry?


The key is to focus on customer service. Did you know that people are creating lists to tell you how to bypass voicemail automation to get through to a human being? Check out


This is a great list, but it’s really pathetic that we have to “figure out” how to get our questions answered about a product or service that we’ve purchased.


What happened to good, old-fashioned customer service?


Well, I have good news. More businesses are now boosting their customer-service efforts to increase sales and customer loyalty. For example, I recently purchased some swimwear on sale for the first time from


The items ended up being too big so I called their customer service number, ready for a hassle. And can you believe it?


I was connected to a trained, customer service representative immediately who actually sounded like she cared and valued my business. The company exchanged the merchandise quickly, and now they have a loyal customer.


It just goes to show you the power of caring and providing your sales people with the right customer-relationship skills: so with this in mind, take a moment to review how you and your team members treat customers.


By making a few simple changes to cater to the needs of your customers, you just might see a sudden increase in sales.

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[…] presents Today’s #1 No-Cost Secret to Business Success posted at Rembrandt’s Blog, saying, “Learn simple tips to boost sales for your […]

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