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Did Your Resolution Crash and Burn?

Make Business Goals Your Priority Instead If you go to the gym, you may have noticed that it was a lot busier over the last few weeks. It seems like lots of people had “get into better shape” as a New Year’s resolution. But this week tells a different story. I noticed that class sizes […]

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Time for Thanks!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and that means we are getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Things will get hectic with year-end deadlines, sales and meetings… not to mention all of the activities you have planned with family and friends. But while all of this is going on, don’t forget this little word that can mean a […]

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3 Tips to Be a Better Entrepreneur Now

If you are stressed out about work and getting your projects done on time, check out these three, simple tips to help you get back on track… fast! 1. Work extra hours at strange times. If you are a morning person, try to get up one hour earlier and start working. If you are a night […]

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Who Are You Working With?

If you are trying to save money and start the New Year off right, there may be a secret problem lurking in your business. With the stress of trying to balance a budget, pay bills, obtain new customers, and have a life outside of the office, it can be easy to overlook one key element […]

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Have a Bad Day? Be Thankful.

Ok. So it’s 5:00 a.m., and I walk to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee with my eyes half open. Ugh! I forgot to put coffee into the machine last night, and there is just a pot of hot water waiting for me. Oh well. I’ll make a fresh batch and use the […]

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How to Turn Your Luck Around

If you have been watching or listening to the news lately, it is packed with negativity concerning the latest unemployment rates, stock market upsets and violence overseas. It’s enough to make your blood pressure soar. Well, I’m not going to let it get to me. What about you? Instead of focusing on all of the […]

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