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Start Your Holiday PR and Marketing Now

Got your holiday sales PR and marketing ready?

Unless you’re already ahead of the game… It’s time for back-to-school, and you know what that means! The holidays are approaching fast! Ugh! The Halloween decorations are out. Next will be Thanksgiving and the big winter celebrations. Do you have all of your public relations, or PR, and marketing ready for this year’s holiday season? […]

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What Do You Really Need to Boost Sales Now?

It’s Time to Provide Valuable Content. Spring is almost here – even if it doesn’t feel like it just yet. Soon, the flowers will bloom, and the days will get longer and warmer. But it’s also tax time, and that means you get a big reminder about how your business did last year. Did you […]

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I Need Writing Help!

Take Advantage of Content Management  – Even Without a Budget If you are a business owner, you know the importance of content marketing and SEO, or search engine optimization. It helps you: Provide value to customers and the search engines. Stand out from the competition. Build customer word-of-mouth. Boost credibility and sales and more! Who […]

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What is Content Marketing?

Does your business need content marketing? There is a lot of buzz out there about “content marketing” and how it can make your business successful. But what is content marketing, anyway? It’s just a fancy name for using content to market to customers. And as I’ve said many times before, by providing value to your […]

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