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Don’t Let the Panda Scare You!

Have you heard? The Panda is coming! The Panda is here! The SEO world is buzzing with the latest news from Google that they are doing yet another Panda update. Google recently stated that about three billion searches go on every day at Google so this latest update to their algorithm could potentially affect over […]

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Avoid Being a Panda in Your SEO Efforts

Google’s Panda Update has caused quite a stir in the search engine optimization (SEO) world. Basically, Google changed it algorithm so that the Websites that provide value rise to the top of search-engine listings. And the content farms posting articles, Website pages, blogs, etc. filled with massive amounts of will be penalized. While this update […]

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Do You Pass this Web Checklist?

You have your new Website up and running, and are ready to start bringing in sales. Perhaps, you spent hours writing the copy yourself? Or maybe you hired a big, Web company to design a site with all the bells and whistles? Either way, you are not finished:. unless, you did this one, key step: […]

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