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Boost Awareness in 5 Minutes!

Do you have five minutes?   If you have five minutes, you can help boost awareness for your business online!   Here are three quick things you can do in about five minutes. Pick your favorite:   1. Enter information on a forum or blog. Visit an online forum or blog where your target market […]

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Is It Really Amazing?

I don’t know about you, but I really think the word “amazing” has lost its power and true meaning. You hear it all the time now: “Bob’s garage repair service saved me $500.00 over the competition. That’s amazing.” “Billy ate his cereal all by himself this morning. That’s amazing.” “I just ate an entire large […]

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Don’t Get Duped!

Yesterday, I was at a sales meeting and a man in his mid-sixties introduced himself. He talked about his family, business and health, and I listened politely. Later on, he asked if I’d like to meet with him during the break to discuss my business. Thinking that he may want to hire me for publicity […]

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