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Don’t Let Ghostwriters Scare You!

Hire a ghostwriter!

Psst. Hiring ghostwriters may be your secret to success! If you are afraid of using ghostwriters for your business, take this into consideration… Are your competitors cranking out books, articles, SEO blogs, newsletters, marketing and promotional copy, and more regularly but still have time to go on long vacations… after they give sold-out presentations and […]

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Are You Using Organic SEO?

Search Engine Optimization Offers a Competitive Advantage Many people often ask me to set up their SEO pay-per-click advertising strategies and campaigns. But one of the first things I ask is… What about organic SEO? Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is when you get a lot of people to visit your site without paying for […]

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Are These 3 Scary Things on Your Website?

It’s Halloween, and there is a lot of scary stuff out there. But you may be unaware of some things that are really frightening and happening right in your business. For example, when was the last time you looked at your Website? If you have been busy focusing on your core, business activities as an […]

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Is My Site Optimized Now?

Many new entrepreneurs often ask me what they need to do to their site so that they show up at the top of the search engines. They usually want a quick answer, but the truth is… Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an Ongoing Process. If you want your site to be at the top […]

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How to Avoid SEO Rip-Offs

Have you been ripped off by a search engine optimization copywriter (SEO)? Well, I just heard from another entrepreneur who hired a big, SEO research firm. Unfortunately, things did not go well, and this new business owner needed some help. With this in mind, I thought it was time for a quick review so here […]

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Three Easy Ways to Build an Online Presence

As a professional woman, you know you need an online presence. But with all of your responsibilities, it can be easy to give this a low priority on your “To Do” list. Not to worry! You can create a great online-presence to improve your business relationships, brand-image and more without spending a lot of time […]

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