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Happy Holidays! Are you Taking a Break?

It’s the holidays. Are you taking a break or working more? Well, after weeks of non-stop work to finish some big projects and deadlines, I’m going to take a break for the holidays. How about you? Are you… Going to finish some work that need to be done by year-end? Put some time into extra projects […]

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Do You Worry About Losing Your Job to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence content and leadership

Technology can’t replace the emotional aspects needed in creative content and leadership You’ve seen the news, and you know that technology is taking people’s jobs at factories, fast food restaurants, and more. Is yours next? According to McKinsey Global Institute’s latest report, “Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation”: “Automation and […]

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How to Boost Sales by 2018

Why do you need content?

2017 Only Has 3 Months Left. How did your business do? Gulp! It’s almost October and the end of 2017 looms. If you haven’t reached your goals for this year, don’t despair. There are still some things you can do you to get more customers and start the New Year off with a real bang! […]

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7 Real Estate Copywriting Mistakes That Steal Sales

REALTORS®, is your content sending customers to the competition right now? Real estate copywriter Melanie Rembrandt give you secret insights to boost sales fast As a real estate professional, you post content on a daily basis. You post new listings, social media posts, articles, blogs, emails, and more. But, your copywriting may be hurting your […]

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How’s Your DIY Marketing Going?

You could be wasting more valuable resources than you think. In the past few weeks, numerous people in my life have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses, had hospital visits and even died. It’s just a reminder that no matter your age, no matter how healthy you are and no matter how “good” things […]

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Is It Time to Trim Your BtoB Waistline?

How to improve the health of your business in 2017 Welcome back from the holidays, BtoB owners! I hope you got some much-needed R&R and also had some fun. And if you’re like most people, you may notice that your clothes fit a little more snugly from overindulging a bit during the holidays. Well, it’s […]

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