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How to Make More Money Off Of Your Content Right Now

Boost sales with b2b copywriting - SEO

Does Your Current Content Boost Sales to the Max or are you Missing Opportunities? You write content including blogs, social media posts, newsletters, emails, and more each month. You know that it’s important. But… you are not seeing results from all of this work. Why? You may be missing out on some key elements that […]

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3 Tips to Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours on SEO

Get great results with a content-marketing strategy that works! You hired an SEO “guru” to help you, but you haven’t seen an increase in online rankings, traffic or sales. And unfortunately, you don’t know anything about search engine optimization so you’re not sure where to turn next. Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry. You are not […]

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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Produce Oodles of Cash and Customers!

3 Quick Tips for SEO-Copywriting Sales Success! “Content marketing strategy wins!” “Content is king!” “Search engine optimization rocks!” Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You’ve read all of the recent news and reports on how great content is for your business. But your content-marketing-strategy is not producing sales, online awareness or credibility. What gives? Well, here are… 3 […]

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Is Content-Marketing-Strategy Dead?

No…You Just Have to Avoid Costly Shortcuts! It’s 2016, and marketing has changed. Today, your sales, public relations, social-media, SEO, and all other, activities work together to find and keep new customers through specific messaging. And at the heart of all of this is content. According to The Content Marketing Institute article on Key Roles […]

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What are You Writing and Promoting?

Your content strategy and PR should provide results! Have you seen all of the stories about the death of traditional, public relations (PR) lately? The fact is that most people can get the news they need by simply going to their favorite, online news site, watching television or conducting an online search. Because of this, […]

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Do You Need a BtoB Content Strategist or a Copywriter?

There’s a big difference depending on your goals Potential, BtoB clients contact me on a regular basis looking for help. They have big sales-goals and know they need some copywriting done… but that’s about it. Well, if you are trying to boost sales, awareness, credibility, and more, it’s time to get specific. You may just […]

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3 BtoB Content Strategy Sins to Avoid

Is all that copywriting time and effort really worth it? What you think is a B2B content strategy may not be. You have different authors creating content with various styles and tones. You cover various topics and you post new content each week. You are on a roll, and everything is moving along… or is […]

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It’s Summer! Don’t Worry About SEO!

Happy Independence Day from Ranking Stress! It’s summer, and that means you’ll want to spend more time away from your office. But with all of the recent SEO news about the search engines changing their algorithms, you may think you need to put in more hours to study these changes and act accordingly. Well, I […]

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