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What Your Posts Really Say About You

What does your social media say about you?

What Image Do You Convey Via Social Media? Research indicates that you can decrease loneliness and depression by limiting the amount of time you are on social media. For example, a study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology found that by reducing the amount of time spent on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to […]

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Discover 5 Competitive Advantages of Great Content

Why Do You Need Copywriting That Sells, Anyway? Give your target market valuable content on a regular basis. Have a professional copywriter write copy that sells. Share content via social media.   You hear about how important it is to provide fresh, new content to your target audience on a daily basis. And while you […]

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How’s Your DIY Marketing Going?

You could be wasting more valuable resources than you think. In the past few weeks, numerous people in my life have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses, had hospital visits and even died. It’s just a reminder that no matter your age, no matter how healthy you are and no matter how “good” things […]

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BtoB Owners, Not Ready for Holiday Marketing?

No Problem. 3 Quick Tips to Make Sales Soar! It’s already November, and holiday marketing time is here for BtoB owners. But, as an entrepreneur, you may have been dealing with core business responsibilities, and this season just kind of “snuck up on you.” Well, don’t sweat it. There is still time to get your […]

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Stop the Content Madness and Get Results!

Take the time to focus and watch your success skyrocket! Google just changed their content and algorithm… again. There is a new social media venue you must check out for business. Your clients need responses and updates ASAP! If you’re a small business owner, the things you need to keep up with can be overwhelming. […]

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Beware the Industry Template Website!

Without The Right Content, You Lose Sales. Woo Hoo! You started a business and found out that your industry (real estate, tech, health, etc.) has a simple template you can use to create your website. It’s easy, and automated content posts for you. Done. Not so fast. If you use the same tool as everyone […]

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3 Tips to Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours on SEO

Get great results with a content-marketing strategy that works! You hired an SEO “guru” to help you, but you haven’t seen an increase in online rankings, traffic or sales. And unfortunately, you don’t know anything about search engine optimization so you’re not sure where to turn next. Sound familiar? Well, don’t worry. You are not […]

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