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How to Boost Sales by 2018

Why do you need content?

2017 Only Has 3 Months Left. How did your business do? Gulp! It’s almost October and the end of 2017 looms. If you haven’t reached your goals for this year, don’t despair. There are still some things you can do you to get more customers and start the New Year off with a real bang! […]

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Summer is Not Here Yet, But Holiday Marketing Time Is!

Christmas starts in October. Are you ready for holiday marketing? It’s that time of year when you prepare for graduations, Father’s Day and upcoming vacations. But there is something else you need to think about now… Christmas. That’s right. Summer is not even officially here yet, but the winter holiday sales season starts in just […]

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Does Anyone Read Your Content?

Provide quality content and watch sales soar! We all know that content is still king. After all, recent research on successful B2B marketers by the Content Marketing Institute™ states that, “91% of top performers are extremely or very committed to content marketing.” But if you’re not a trained writer, how do you create and use […]

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How’s Your DIY Marketing Going?

You could be wasting more valuable resources than you think. In the past few weeks, numerous people in my life have been diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses, had hospital visits and even died. It’s just a reminder that no matter your age, no matter how healthy you are and no matter how “good” things […]

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BtoB Owners, Not Ready for Holiday Marketing?

No Problem. 3 Quick Tips to Make Sales Soar! It’s already November, and holiday marketing time is here for BtoB owners. But, as an entrepreneur, you may have been dealing with core business responsibilities, and this season just kind of “snuck up on you.” Well, don’t sweat it. There is still time to get your […]

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5 Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Content

Stop wasting time on copy that doesn’t work. If you are like most small business owners, you spend a lot of time writing your own marketing materials. This includes social media, articles, website copy, emails, and more. The list is long, and you know this content is important to your business… but only if it […]

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Beware the Industry Template Website!

Without The Right Content, You Lose Sales. Woo Hoo! You started a business and found out that your industry (real estate, tech, health, etc.) has a simple template you can use to create your website. It’s easy, and automated content posts for you. Done. Not so fast. If you use the same tool as everyone […]

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